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Collaboration is the solution for the African infrastructure delivery problem

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It is widely agreed that African infrastructure across the continent – roads, electricity, water and sanitation – is in desperate need of an upgrade.

This is all the more urgent because of the need to cater for Africa’s young, growing and increasingly urbanising population, with Covid-19 heightening the challenge still further.

Below are some of the areas we focus on.

  • Hub principals undertake to sponsor the inter-sovereign initiative.
  • Core Enclave counterparts should equally undertake to join the collaborations.
  • Coastal Rim participants enter into specialist roles negotiated with hub subscribers
  • Mainland participants enter resource-specific arrangements with core partners.
  • Focus  development in geo-economic niche

1. Marketing
2. Designing
3. Developing
4. Integrating
5. Deploying

  • National Sovereigns
    -Development Policy Objectives
  • National Investment Boards
    -Investment Towards Development Goals
  • Enterprise Agencies
    -Research Economic Opportunities
  • Education Department
    -Technology Transfer Facilitation
  • Local Government and Municipality
    -Underwrite Infrastructure and Formalise Industrial Zone
  • Local Community Entities
    -Establish and Value Resource Ownership
  • Polytechnic Institution
    -Institutionalize Alignment of Above
  • Intervention Partners
    -Facilitate the Operational Inputs of Polytechnic
  • Beneficiaries
    -Induct through Polytechnic to Emergent SMME
  • SMME
    -Provide Jobs and Sustainable Economic Well-being
  • External 4 Supra-National Agency
  • Common 3 Currency Zone Advocacy
  • Sovereign 2 Regional Promotion
  • Foreign Affairs 1 National Commitment
  • Treasury 0 FINANCIER Delegation

Enterprise -1 Trade Support Ministry
Competitiveness -2 Technology Transfer
Beneficiary -3 Community Development
Polytechnic -4 Educational Support
International Trade -5 Niche Market Product Research

1. Income tax from SMME employees wages and salaries
2. Value added tax from SALES generated
3. Taxation on financial service and interest revenues
4. Taxation on capital gains and other SMME corporate income
5. Rents, Rates from infrastructure supply of utilities and services

  • Rural Labour Supply empowered with Technical Partnership
    -Abundant and Amenable to training
  • Industry Efficiency harnessed by Service Partnership
    -Process Industry Productivity
  • Value Added Exports by Producer Partnership -Commodity converted for Export
  • Value Added Import with Supplier Partnership
    -Local Supplier Development
  • Information Technology based Diffusion
    -Arbitrage on Access Asymmetries

Human Resource Skills (Commercial, Industrial, Technical, Managerial, Financial)
Technology Transfers (Technology Transfer Niche)
Curriculum Development (Skills / Technologies / Localisations)
Trainee Intake (Intervention Based)
Sector Uptake (Enterprise Based Commercial Outcomes)

Beneficiary Polytechnic Progression:

How KITIKI Intervention Beneficiaries Are Provisioned

I. ENTR101 Opportunity Discovery (16cp )
II. ENTR102 Business Plan Development (16cp)
III. ENTR103 Operations Management and Financial Reporting (16cp)
IV. ENTR104 Venture Creation (16cp)
V. Ex Incubator Launch (Phase II)

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