Kitiki Enterprise Development focus starting with The Regional Map countries and then down to local College level Enterprise Training Institutes.

How do universities contribute to innovation?New knowledge and skills, the ability to develop and exploit new technologies, as well as understand- ing how technology and society interact, are all critical success factors that universities can contribute to in this ongoing process of change.

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Second was to instrument the Challenge Prognoses Task List to facilitate our own evolving concept development.

Third, Kitiki captures the client and that table spawns foreign keys to all responses that enquirer makes against them. The LoadChallenger. script has the setters for those responses indexed on the enquirer’s sequence number.

Our Programs

Raise Capital

Whether you are a startup or a business raising funds, we match you with angel investors, Venture Capitals, government funds, banks, and other funding sources. We can also prepare/review your pitch deck, business plan and financial model.

Grow your Startup :
You have built your MVP and you are looking to grow your sales, increase your profitability, reach new markets, improve your marketing .

We help you grow into new markets and scale while covering 50% of the costs. Idea to Product For first-timers.

Innovation & R&D

Kitiki ias a Tech Cofounder: You are looking for a technical cofounder , a technical team, or a CTO to build your product. We provide technical support and cover 50% of the costs.

We help you build and/or improve your MVP and handle technical development from A to Z. We help in software development, UI and UX, integrating AI, others.

We help you validate the idea, write the Business Plan, Pitch Deck and Financial Model from scratch. We help you get your business off the ground by offering technical and business support and expertise.