Keep your file. Keep your files online, even when your computer is turned off.s online, even when your computer is turned off.

Hashbase is a public peer for files published with the Dat protocol. We keep your files online while your computer is off.

Dat is a peer-to-peer protocol for sharing datasets and files. When you use Dat, your files are distributed across the network of peers who you’ve shared your files with.

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Why use Hashbase? Reliability and discovery!

Publishing with Dat means that peers will contribute bandwidth, but only if they’re online and sharing your files. If nobody’s hosting your files, then they won’t be accessible.

That’s where Hashbase comes in. We act as a “super peer” that makes sure your content is always available.

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Reliable rehosting

Hashbase acts as a “super peer” and rehosts your Dat archives, so your files are always available, even when you’re offline.

Archive history backup

Dat maintains a log of all the changes you make to your archive’s files. In addition to storing your archive’s files, we store a backup of the entire history log.

HTTPS mirroring

In addition to rehosting your files on the Dat peer-to-peer network, we mirror the content on the Web so you can share it with anyone.

DNS shortnames

Pick a custom shortname for each of your archives, like